Affidavit Form


Affidavit Form

Affidavit form templates are editable to use to your needs. Choose from interactive affidavit forms.

An affidavit is a sworn statement. The affiant is the one who swears to the affidavit. A witness is also a necessary part of an affidavit form. Stating the purpose of the affidavit form is a must also. Both the witness and the affiant for the affidavit form to be legal. Finance companies and attorneys use affidavit forms in a lot of their day to day business.

Personal information that must be included in affidavit forms are:
  • full name
  • address
  • location
  • state
  • zip code
  • country of the affiant
There are different types of affidavit forms for different purposes. Below are a few examples of affidavit forms.

Single status affidavit form

Single status affidavit form affirms that the affiant is single and not married to anyone. It also states the personal information listed above.
Below is a link to a sample of a single status affidavit form:

Affidavit of heirship form

The affidavit of heirship form is to be completed and filed by a person claiming to be heirs to a person or party that cannot confirm or deny the claim. This form also lists the personal information and is legal and binding.
Below is a link to a free downloadable affidavit of heirship form:

Affidavit of marriage

A marriage affidavit form is simply a document that states the legalities of the marriage. Witnesses from both sides of the marriage are required to be present when the marriage affidavit form is being filed.
Below is a link to marriage affidavit form:

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