Evaluation Form


Evaluation Form

Get an evaluation form template that is editable to use to your needs. Choose from interactive evaluation forms.

Evaluation forms are forms used by companies , organizations and individual people to review and rate particular services or merchandise. Often these specific questions are geared towards rating services or merchandise in order to guarantee a certain quality. Evaluation forms also come in handy when introducing new goods and services.

The list of evaluation forms can go on forever because you can evaluate almost anything the imagination can come up with. Some examples of evaluation forms are:
  • Peer Evaluation Forms
  • Teacher Evaluation Form
  • Job Interview Evaluation Form
  • Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Form
Evaluation forms are also used to assess the efficiency of employees. Ensuring that employees are doing their job as effectively as possible. Establishing specific strengths and weaknesses of your employees can be used to the employers benefit. Thus, using evaluation forms with employees would be in the employers best interest. The employees signature is required to confirm that information on the evaluation form is correct.

Employee evaluation forms should ask questions about things like:
  • attendance
  • employee's work quality
  • employee's job knowledge
  • employee's decision making ability
Evaluation forms are used in the hiring process too. This ensures the correct person is filling a certain position within a company. These forms should be filled out in private by whomever is doing the hiring to be sure the questions are answered truthfully. This assessment of skills and particular behaviors should guarantee the right person is being hired for the job.

Hiring evaluation forms should ask questions about things like:
  • name
  • position being applied for
  • education
  • experience
  • special training

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