Form Letters


Form Letters

Form letters examples and form letters samples are editable to use to your needs. Choose from interactive form letters for business or teachers.

Form letters are letters written from a template, rather than being specially composed for a specific recipient. The most general kind of form letter consists of one or more regions of editable text combined with one or more substitution placeholders.

Although form letters are intended for a wide range of audiences, most form letters include elements of style or features that are intended to appear specifically tailored to the recipient. For example, they might be all signed with the autopen feature and use features like mail merge to automatically insert the names of the individual recipients.

Use the links below to view examples of form letters formats.

Disclaimer: Be aware that some of these sample form letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any form letter, consult with a legal professional first.

Form Letters In Word

Form Letters In Word tutorial presented here. In this tutorial you will use Word and Excel to create form letters and templates. Both Microsoft Office applications, Word and Excel, will be required for this tutorial. Excel will handle the data and Word will be used to create and edit the form letter template. A form letter template is a Word document in which the body of the letter stays the same but recipient information is inserted for numerous individuals. Most people have recieved one for some type of sweepstakes or sales pitch. Follow the link for more information.


Form Letters for Teachers

This printable, ready-made note from Disney Family Fun makes sending a note to school with your child fun and easy.


Form Letters Examples

Letter Writing & Sample Letters are editable to use to your needs. Tips, advice, and sample letters to help you in your letter writing activities from


Form Letters Samples

Home Business Online provides hundreds of FREE business forms and templates to choose from.


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Form letters are letters composed from templates rather than being written out for a specific person. Form letters are often used by celebrities, ie movie stars , musicians, politicians and so forth. Form letters are also used for acceptance / rejection letters for colleges or contests. These letters can be used for a large audiences. Many form letters have fields which can be used to insert names of recipients or have an auto pen option to make it look personally signed. Form letters can be used to help you write a letter for a certain purpose without having to take the time to personally compose it.

There are legal and non legal form letters.

A few examples of legal form letters are:
  • Attorney Fees
  • Asset Sale
  • Dissolution of Corporation
A helpful site for legal form letters is:

A few examples of non legal form letters are:
  • Announcement of sale, play, layoff, strike
  • Acceptance of honor , job, resignation
  • Apology to customer, for not crediting payment , misconduct
A helpful site for non legal form letters is:

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