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Get online forms that are editable to use to your needs. Choose from interactive online forms.

There are many different types of online forms. Once you type online form into your search engine you will get a wide variety of results. From free online forms , form builders , online forms for real estate, military online forms or free trials to build online forms. It all depends on what you're looking for and what you need the online form for. Below I will list a few different types of online forms with brief descriptions and a link to an example so that you have a better idea of what an online form is.

Online Affidavit Form

Online affidavit forms make business decisions easier than ever. Having most everything written out for the user so they can fill in the blanks with personal information and print it out without the headache of having to have an attorney write one out. An affidavit is a sworn statement. It requires the signatures of the person swearing to the statement and also that of witnesses.

Below is a link to an online affidavit form:

Online Release Form

Release forms can be found online that allow you to fill in blank fields and then print it off. A release form is a document or an oral agreement that terminates any prior binding agreements. These forms are often used by musicians, photographers and on movie sets to prevent future disputes and insure that the participating people agree to the use of the material for whatever purpose listed on the release form.

Below is a link to an online release form:

Online Job Application Form
Certain companies consider a job application form mandatory. Even after sending a resume. When filling out an employment application form you can expect to see some of these following questions:
  • Full name, address & telephone number
  • position applied for
  • expected rate of pay
  • contact information
  • application date
  • start dates
  • education & employment history
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