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Employee Self Evaluation Forms
Employee Self Evaluation Forms are good way to keep track of your progress or lack of progress at a particular job. The are also a good way to assess your value as an employee to the company compared to the other employees. Here is our complete Employee Self Evaluation Guide.

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Preparing for Annual Employee Self Evaluation

Use an Employee Self Evaluation Form

A few days prior to the evaluation, search and find a self-evaluation form and fill it out. A lot of employers have discovered this removes the unpleasant surprises out of the review process and helps the employee focus on what has happened during the past year and what she or he hopes to accomplish in the coming year.

More benefits of using an Employee Self Evaluation Form:
  1. The employee remember better what happened in the last year than you will. By not using a self-evaluation, you may forget a significant achievement the employee accomplished earlier in the year. You donít need the employee to wondering why he or she is working so hard when you donít remember the hard work.

  2. The self evaluation provides you with an early warning if the employee believes he deserves a higher rating than you do.

  3. The self evaluation lets the employee know you want the review to be a question and answer session and not just a chance for you to express your thoughts.

  4. A reasonable self evaluation form helps your employees to review the year. Itís even an opportunity to let your employeesí expertise shine in coming up with the questions for the form.

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Employee Self Performance Evaluation

The employee performance evaluation is one of the best tools in a performance based process or cycle. In an ideal situation, employees are receiving training and feedback from their supervisors on an ongoing basis, the annual employee self performance appraisal gives both the boss and worker an opportunity to present feedback in a precise format. The employee performance evaluation is also used to record goals for the nest year, and notate training and development workshops that could further the employee progress and prepare for professional or organizational goals.

Why bother with employee performance evaluations?

Employee performance evaluations are an important tool in documenting performance, formalizing feedback, ensuring clear dialogue or communication between supervisors and employees, and assign goals and development activities to direct an employee's career. Without using one, employees are working in without progress tracking, and your company is likely not increase its yearly improvement goals.

Website: http://www.halogensoftware.com/resources/glossary/employee-performance-evaluation/

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