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Free Employee Evaluation Forms
Free Employee Evaluation Forms are good way to keep track of your employees progress or lack of progress. Free Employee Evaluation Forms are also a good way to assess the value of an employee to the company compared to other employees. Here is our complete Guide to "Free Employee Evaluation Forms."
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Free Employee Evaluation Form Sample using CRG emPerform

CRG emPerform makes the employee appraisal and performance evaluation process simple using a collaborative and user-friendly employee performance management solution. Here are their five sample competencies they evaluate:
  1. Team Leadership Abilities: Evaluates the individual’s ability to exercise leadership that motivates and mobilizes the team and to create an effective, pleasant work environment. It rates their Team Leadership by observable behaviors that exemplify their competency.

  2. Customer Service Abilities: Customer Service is achieved by focusing one's efforts on finding and meeting the customer's needs. Including being able to develop trust in all relationship types. Customers might include, but are not limited to internal and external associates, peers, internet surfers, community members, external companies or anyone that they trying to help.

  3. Innovation Abilities: Innovation is an ability to improve job performance by doing new things. This would include the introduction of an new procedure unknown to the division or in the company. It might include the invention of techniques or procedures.

  4. Strategic Thinking Abilities: Individual develops strategies consistent with corporate strategies; concludes objectives and sets goals; anticipates possible threats or opportunities; the power to observe the organization's competitive position by considering market and industry trends as well as all current and future customers abilities and soft spots in comparison to competitors.

  5. Teamwork Abilities: The individual's ability to work in a team effort with others in the fullfillment of joint tasks and common objectives. Involves comprehending team make up, fostering sharing ideas, providing a real contribution and paying attention and reacting to the ideas of others in a way that creates an atmosphere of two-sided trust and respect.

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