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Kelly Blue Book Boats
Kelly blue book boat values are determined by using an boat blue book value price guide. Kelly blue book boats guides are used to find the value of new and used boats.

Blue Book boat guides have been helping new and used boat buyers for more than 80 years.

You can find the trade-in-value of your used boat for different conditions and by make, model and year.

If you want an accurate idea of the value of your boat, you will use a watercraft appraisal service.

Here is our complete guide to Boat Blue Book Values.
The top Boat Blue Book sources are listed below.

Blue Book Used Boat Prices
Find and Compare prices on Blue Book Used Boat Prices at

Free Boat Bluebook | Boat Values, Prices - Kelly Blue Book
Kelly Blue Book does not list boat blue book prices on their website or within their printed book. NADA Guides does list blue book boat values on their website for years 1970 to present. In addition to providing blue book pricing for boats online, NADA also provides values for boat trailers and outboard motors.

Boat Blue Book - Boat Blue Book Guide Boat Blue Book Value The term Blue Book has become generic term for current values on just about anything. Kelley Blue Book Guide does not have a price guide online for boats or yachts. The Kelly Blue Book for Boats is available only in a printed version. More commonly know in the marine industry is ABOS Marine Blue Book, this book is primarily used by dealers as a wholesale price guide. This boat blue book requires a subscription.

Blue Book Value Boats
Ever wondered what your boat is really worth? Now you can find information on blue book value boats. From smaller one-person boats up to the biggest vessels, you can find the worth of your boat. The value of your boat is based around a long algorith, calculating all types of boats, engines, accessories, etc. Not everything is a perfect science, but it's a good place to start.

Boat Blue Book - Used Boat Prices
If you are looking for a new or used boat, or are selling your boat, you should use a Boat Blue Book Guide as your resource. Published by NADA Price Guides, the Boat Blue Book offers you an up-to-date pricing guide that allows you to estimate accurately what is a fair price for a boat or selling your used boat for. The guide takes into account all the possible extras on your boat, its age and current condition to give you an accurate range.

Outboard Motor Boat Blue Book
Canadian Outboard Motor Dealers Blue Book has over 300 pages of pricing and specifications on major lines of outboard motors sold in Canada. Resale and wholesale pricing is divided into 3 categories - fresh water, salt water and camp (rental). Includes Kawasaki, Polaris, Sea-Doo, Tigershark and Yamaha watercraft. The guide is published annually. Their guide features these topics: Outboard Motor Values, Used Outboard Motors, New Outboard Motors, Computer Boat Values, Canadian Values for the Canadian Boating Industry Since 1983.

Boat Blue Book | Boat Blue Book Values - Used Prices
Fast Tips & Facts About Used Boat Values: Compare multiple boat blue books to help estimate the selling price for a used boat. Condition is the main factor to base the asking price. It is a good idea to personally inspect a boat to determine its value before commiting to a purchase.

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