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Example Letters

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Example letters are the same thing as form letters. Example letters and form letters alike are composed from templates rather than being written out for a specific person. They usually have blank fields that can be easily filled in to personalize the letter so it doesn't seem quite so generic but get the point across effectively, effortlessly and in a timely manner. They are very convenient in times when you need to write out a letter but feel a loss for words.

An example letter of eviction is a notice that is given to tenants who are non-compliant with lease agreements. There is typically a time period before the eviction notice goes into effect. This allows the tenants to either become compliant or the lease will be terminated. Below is an example letter used for eviction purposes:

(Disclaimer: Be aware that some of these example letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any example letters, consult with a legal professional first.)

Example Eviction Notice:

Ref No. ___________________________††Date: ____________________________
Landlord full names: ________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________†City _____________†State: ___________†Zip: _______
Phone: ________________†Email: _________________†Fax: ________________________
Tenantís full names: __________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________†City _____________†State: ___________†Zip: _______
Phone: ________________†Email: _________________†Fax: ________________________

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I hereby notify you of your impending eviction on _________________ from the premises located at _______________________ under the lease agreements entered on _________ between __________________________ (landlord or agent) and ____________________ (tenant).
Failure to comply will result in eviction and/or proceedings against you in a court of law.

Please cooperate.

Signed __________________________††Date: ______________

Another example letter would be a notice of completion letter. This letter is sent to a client who has paid off a loan or payments owed. The completion letter usually states that the loan has been paid in full and the time it took to complete.

Below is a Notice of Completion example letter:

To: _____________________________ (Clientís Name)
Address: _____________________________________________________________
City, State, Code_________________________________________________________
Date: _____________________________________________________________
Dear Mr. /Mrs. / Ms_________________, (Manager Name)
RE :____________________________________( Completion)
This is to notify you that you have cleared paying all of your ________________ payments. You brought the payments current within the last_______________ days of the date agreed on our previous letter by sending the full amount___________________________ in the form of ____________________ (cash/certified check). The total amount received was ___________.
You now have the right to apply for a new loan and also choose from our selected range of packages that are available to you. We thank you for your loyalty and for choosing our company. We look forward to your continued membership and we assure you that we will offer our best service and support.



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